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Assisting organisations to get the best performance from their workforce.

Leadership Development In The Organisation

Our People Management Essentials Program will give your people leaders a set of enhanced skills, capabilities and confidence to lead and manage their teams.

We have combined the latest research on neuroscience, talent management, employee engagement, with the current legislative requirements and our years of deep domain expertise with many organisations to develop a set of practical tools to up-skill your managers.  This program includes tools to engage our blended, post-pandemic teams.

This is a five-module program delivered over five months* enabling participants to effectively embed the learning and practice their comprehensive new skills.  We know that spaced learning creates the opportunity for real consolidation of skills as well as behavioural change.

Each Module

  • Appreciates and draws on the strengths, experience and skills of participants
  • Provides a neuro-safe environment for reflection, discussion, interaction and practice
  • Comes with a comprehensive workbook, so individual learning can be captured and then refreshed at any time
  • Is energetic, fun and engaging
  • Focuses on practical, workplace learning with an Action Plan for participants to apply the Module in their daily leadership practice
  • It is based on the latest research AND skills development, with recommendations for additional resources to continue learning after each module.

* Alternatively, we can work within your operational schedule.

What our participants have said about this program

  • Very good program, would love to see more trainings or follow-up sessions.
  • Would recommend this for all leaders and upcoming leaders.
  • All slides were so informative, and we can relate them to the work we all are doing.
  • This course is important for all leaders to attend.
  • I think this is a great program and I hope my organisation rolls this out to all people in leadership roles.
  • Amazing training, recommend to others, additional resources for self-research are amazing.
  • All positive feedback, all learning materials, agenda, structure and engagement was implementing into the training.

Tailored Learning Solutions

We work with a variety of our clients to design and deliver tailored learning solutions based on their unique needs.  These learning solutions include components of leadership (such as performance dialogue), engaging volunteers, talent acquisition and more.

The Great Managers Program

We are accredited coaches for the Great Managers Program. See more at

Great Managers