Strategy and Planning

We help our clients create their strategic plans, supported by performance indicators and action plans, to take them to the next level of organisational performance. A strategic plan typically provides a three- to five-year ‘roadmap’ to guide organisational development and help eliminate the chaos that can result from poor planning.   We understand the importance of cascading strategic plans down to the operational level and have assisted many clients in developing performance agreements, linked to strategy, with key staff.

We can assist with:

    • Facilitating your next planning event
    • Your next strategic plan
    • Workforce development strategy
    • HR strategy plans
    • Divisional and operational planning

We develop bespoke strategies which are dependent on the level of internal and external stakeholder engagement in addition to the number of existing plans, policies and procedures to consider in the development of the strategic plan. Our most recent projects have ranged in cost from $4,950 to $50,000. Please contact us to discuss the outcomes you are wishing to achieve.

Strategies and Planning