The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychometric assessment tool designed to measure how people perceive the world and how they formulate decisions. The MBTI is used to help you understand:

  • How you look at the world and take in information
  • Where you get your energy from
  • Your preferred decision-making style
  • Lifestyle preferences

The MBTI enhances many aspects of our working and personal lives including:

  • Understanding ourselves and how we can contribute to our team and organisation
  • Understanding how differences can strengthen our teams
  • Improving teamwork, working relationships, communication and decision-making
  • Understanding why conflict arises, ways to prevent it and if needed how to solve it
  • Developing leadership practice.

We have helped hundreds of participants over the years to understand themselves better, contribute meaningfully to their team, play to their strengths and communicate more effectively.

The MBTI is a powerful team building tool AND leadership development tool.  Contact us to find out more!

“... understanding everyone's ways of working and understanding was a very powerful tool. It was also really helpful to understand myself better through the same lens.”

“this was my first [MBTI], very eye opening, lots of "a ha" moments. you made it relevant to me and my life / work.”

Founder, Carol Lewis, is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner and has assisted individuals and teams to enhance communications, working relationships and leverage their strengths.