Career Coaching

With our strong knowledge of corporate structures, performance development and the job market, we offer an effective range of career coaching and career transition services.

For organisations: we offer workshops and one-on-one coaching for employees affected by workforce reductions. Our services are tailored and packaged to the size and circumstance of the organisation.

For individuals: our one-on-one coaching services are designed to help you achieve your career goals. We focus on leveraging people’s strengths and our coaching emphasises self-discovery, effective self-marketing, quality résumés, professional interview skills and tailored job search strategies.

What is Career Coaching?

Specialised career assessment and coaching assists you in understanding who you are, defining your career goals, designing and implementing a career strategy. It can lead to increased self awareness, clarity of focus and a plan for achieving your career goals, based on both realism and personal objectives.

Our Team works to support you to achieve your objectives, without telling you definitely ‘what to do’, but by assisting you to open your mind to possibilities and then help you draw down to a decision.

Our program covers:

  • Self-discovery: career reviews and self-audits
  • Self-marketing: preparing quality resumes, LinkedIn profiles and job applications
  • Uncovering opportunities: job search techniques
  • Interviews: selling yourself effectively

Career coaching may focus on one particular issue or may be a longer term relationship to help you understand more about who you are to be as effective as possible

When might an organisation or individual require career coaching?

  • Organisational restructure: We provide outplacement support to people you may face redundancy, assisting them to confidently navigate the job market.
  • New employee extended induction: Ensure your new candidates acclimatise to the culture of your organisation with ease.
  • Career Development: For professionals who are seeking more success, new opportunities or a change in career direction.

Some of the assessment tools we utilise include: