Why select our Team

We offer a range of practical learning solutions tailored to an organisation’s needs and environment. We focus on the organisation, ensuring that learning outcomes support its development initiatives and strategies.

Our approach is to combine proven, successful training techniques and tailor them to the individual organisation’s particular needs. This results in material relevant to your workplace and participants, helping to ensure the skills and knowledge are applied beyond the learning environment and in the workplace, maximising the return on your training investment.

All learning and development activities are facilitated and delivered in accordance with the principles of adult learning, accommodating a variety of learning styles. We employ a range of activities and techniques, encouraging participants to be involved by drawing on and discussing their own work-related experiences. Sessions are designed to be interactive and include hands-on activities and exercises.

Our tailored learning solutions include:

  • Leadership development focussing on the soft skills needed to create outstanding leaders in your organisation
  • Recruitment and selection skills including behavioural-based interviewing
  • Supervisory skills including performance management, coaching skills and giving feedback
  • Team development and building
  • General skills training such as customer service, assertiveness techniques, time management
  • Compliance / policy training such as bullying and harassment and grievance procedures
  • Myers Brigg Type Indicator

Examples of the type of feedback we receive from participants in our workshops and training sessions are:

What participants have said or liked about ….

… our material and workshop / session design:

  • Well-presented and prepared - researched well.
  • Good audio-visual material - relevant case study scenarios
  • Has great examples to clarify what has been said
  • Role-playing exercises reinforced what we had learnt
  • Good break up of information giving and role plays.
  • Clear and concise skills-based learning
  • Inclusion of real-life examples. Placing things in practical terms without jargon.
  • The exercises were good. Made people think outside the square.

… our delivery style:

  • The presenter is excellent. One of the best presenters I have had. Well done.
  • Trainer is professional and understanding and has a good speaking voice which keeps you interested.
  • Very warm and approachable. Enjoy examples of trainer’s experience.
  • Communicated / interacted very well with the team. Made training fun and less intimidating.
  • Involves the whole group in discussions and makes it interesting.
  • Concepts were explained well and put into context.
  • Good examples from the trainer throughout helped clarify points being made.
  • Excellent, interactive and informative.