Leadership Toolkit Series

The Human Equation provides a range of practical learning solutions tailored to an organisation’s needs and environment. We focus on the organisation, ensuring that learning outcomes support the organisation’s development initiatives and strategies.

Our approach is to combine proven, successful training techniques and tailor them to the individual organisation’s particular needs. This results in material relevant to your workplace and participants, helping to ensure the skills and knowledge are applied beyond the learning environment and in the workplace, maximising the return on your training investment.

All learning and development activities are facilitated and delivered in accordance with the principles of adult learning, accommodating a variety of learning styles. We employ a range of activities and techniques, encouraging participants to be involved by drawing on and discussing their own work-related experiences. Sessions are designed to be interactive and include hands-on activities and exercises.

What participants have said or liked about our material and workshop/session design

  • Well-presented and prepared - researched well.
  • Good audio-visual material - relevant case study scenarios
  • Has great examples to clarify what has been said
  • Role-playing exercises reinforced what we had learnt
  • Good break up of information giving and role plays.
  • Clear and concise skills-based learning
  • Inclusion of real-life examples. Placing things in practical terms without jargon.
  • The exercises were good. Made people think outside the square.

What participants have said or liked about our delivery style

  • The presenter is excellent. One of the best presenters I have had. Well done.
  • Trainer is professional and understanding and has a good speaking voice which keeps you interested.
  • Very warm and approachable. Enjoy examples of trainer’s experience.
  • Communicated / interacted very well with the team. Made training fun and less intimidating.
  • Involves the whole group in discussions and makes it interesting.
  • Concepts were explained well and put into context.
  • Good examples from the trainer throughout helped clarify points being made.
  • Excellent, interactive and informative.

The Leadership Toolkit Series

The Leadership Toolkit I: Key Leadership Competency

This program equips emerging leaders with the skills they need to succeed in a leadership role.   Emerging leaders are the future senior talent of an organisation, and with the right support can add value quickly and drive productivity and results within your team or organisation. The Leadership Toolkit I program gives new leaders just that – a practical toolkit for leading and managing their team - and includes:

  • Identifying leadership competencies and personal strengths.
  • Understanding motivation.
  • Constructive communication.
  • Driving performance through feedback.
  • Delegation.The Leadership Toolkit I is ideal for team leaders, coordinators and will also suit managers who’d like to refresh their skills and access the latest thinking around leadership.

Program Inclusions

  • Stage 1: Pre-Program On-Line Self-Assessment.
  • Stage 2: Six-hour interactive workshop (with comprehensive workbook).
  • Stage 3: Six-week ‘Toolkit Talk’ professional reading program to consolidate knowledge PLUS a six-week support program to assist in implementing the skills learnt at the workshop (via phone or email).
  • Stage 4: Three-hour ‘Wrap-Up Workshop’ to debrief on results, answer questions and refresh knowledge. Wrap-Up Workshops can be tailored to the needs of each cohort.

The Leadership Toolkit II: Right Person - Right Job

Right Person: Right Job – for anyone who selects and hires talent into their team, this workshop will sharpen your recruitment skills and deliver better hiring outcomes for your organisation,

Hiring staff is a significant investment for organisations and the salary and wages line is often the biggest expense. Yet we often neglect to invest in sound skill develop for managers making recruitment decisions.

The one-day workshop will enhance selection skills to help ensure the investment in people is the right one – getting the right person with the right skills and cultural fit.

The workshop offers the opportunity to develop skills through practice in a supported training environment.

Course content includes:

  • Preparing for recruitment – understanding your requirements
  • Equal employment opportunity and legislative considerations
  • Components of the recruitment process
  • Structuring a recruitment interview
  • Designing behavioural-based interview questions
  • Designing other assessment methods including reference checking
  • Evaluating candidates

The Leadership Toolkit III: HR Essentials for Managers and Supervisors

This workshop builds greater confidence to skilfully handle and deliver optimal outcomes to the day-to-day employee matters encountered by anyone who manages staff. This course covers the principles of effective leadership as well as day-to-day human resource management – the do and don’ts.

The workshop offers the opportunity for participants to bring their own, real-life scenarios and issues for discussion.

Course content includes:

  • The basics of the regulatory environment – such as awards, the National Employment Standards, anti-discrimination legislation
  • A framework for managing performance – setting objectives, assessing performance, and resolving issues and legal considerations
  • Communication techniques for enhancing workplace performance

Course Outcomes

  • Improved navigation and understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Understanding the fundamentals of developing a performance management roadmap
  • Enhanced knowledge of the do and don’ts of managing your team’s performance
  • Easy and effective tools to assist your managers in improving workplace performance and productivity
  • Reduce the risk of unfair dismissal, adverse action, bullying and stress claims resulting from termination

Key Components of the workshop:

Myers Biggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI is a psychometric assessment tool designed to measure how people perceive the world and how they formulate decisions.

The MBTI is used to help you understand:

  • How you look at the world and take in information
  • Where you get your energy from
  • Your preferred decision making style
  • Lifestyle preferencesThis enables to align the candidate to one of the 16 distinct personality types identified by Myers and Briggs.

Participant Benefits:

  • Understanding ourselves and how we can contribute to our team and organisation
  • Understanding how differences can strengthen your team
  • Improving team work, working relationships and communication
  • Leadership development.

Constructive Communication in the Workplace

This component is aimed at employees of all levels, providing them with enhanced communication techniques to work effectively with other team members and communicate with their managers. Participants will learn about good communication skills can build harmonious working relationships and help them build their careers. Participants will also learn how to respond to and use performance feedback to help achieve their career goals.

Content includes:

  • The fundamentals of communication
  • Active listening
  • The power of words
  • Structuring communication for success

Participant Benefits:

  • Enhanced understanding of how ‘your’ communication skills can make or break your career
  • Application of techniques to resolve conflict
  • Developing communication skills to develop your profile within the organisation
  • Using communication skills to increase your inclusion throughout the organisation

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